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О нас

Vegas/Viss Co. LTD acts as shipping marine agent at Vostochny and Nakhodka ports since 1998 and provides perfect agency service via sub-agents at other Russian Far East ports such as Vanino, Vladivostok, Posyet, Uglegorsk.

Our main principle – to protect shipowner’s interests and we always do our best to defend shipowner in the clash of interests with stevedores or any other third side party.

Our agents are active and initiative and our managers have great experience and knowledge – over 30 years in agency business.

We have close relations with Vostochny and Nakhodka port’s management and port authorities, well known as reliable agent and we can always solve any urgent cases in efficient and prompt manner.
Our duty agents work 24 hours / 7 days per week and always available for contact.

We have longstanding business relations with many international shipowners and shipmanaging companies, especially from Japan, and we are well-known as respectable company with perfect reputation, that keep’s its word.

It is said that in statement “Fast, cheap, reliable” one word is always redundant, but regarding our company this statement is 100% true – Our rates are the most competitive with the highest quality and efficient service.

If you are interested in experienced and reliable agent at Russian Far East ports than you have come to right company!
In accordance with your request we will prepare all required detailed information and detailed calculation of estimated port charges with discounts.


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Vegas/Viss Co. LTD


Vnutriportovaya 23/6, Vrangel-1,
Primorskiy Krai, Russia, 692941

Office phones

Tel / Fax: +7 4236 665786, +7 4236 665730

Mobile phones

Duty agent: +7 914 7091 444
Duty supervisor: +7 914 7092 111


Agency group e-mail: vegas@vrangel.ru
General Director e-mail: vgs_main@vrangel.ru


  • Mr. A. Marchenko – General Director
  • Mr. G. Shvedov – Head of Agency Dept.
  • Mr. S. Somov – Senior supervisor
  • Mr. V. Marchenko – Accounting
  • Mr. V. Kurbatov – Supervisor