Port Info

Vostochny Port

Vostochny port is the biggest deepwater port of Russia Far-East. It is located on seashore of non-freezing Vrangel Bay. There are 19 berths in the port of total length about 4.7 km and depths from 6.5 m to 16.5 m. Berths are assigned to several Stevedoring companies. Total throughput capacity of Vostochny port is about 20 million tonnes of different range products. The main part of turnover is coal in bulk, as well as containers, general, oil bulk petrochemical cargoes.

Vostochny port is highly mechanized and automated port. Vostochny port Coal terminal possesses modern facilities permitting of annual turnover more than 15 million tonnes. The coal is processed by means of conveyors. The total capacity of open storage areas is over 600000 mt. Coal Terminal accepts handling of vessels with LOA up to 350 m and draft up to 16 m. The biggest handled vessel up to now – 171931 mt DWT, loaded 149080 mt.

Port is all round year navigable.

Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port

Berths of Nakhodka port are assigned to four Stevedoring companies, which work in the Port. There are 22 cargo, passenger and auxiliary berths having total length 3.5 kilometers. 17 cargo berths have depths up to 11 meters, passenger berths depth is up to 10 meters. Fairway depth is 10-13 meters. There are warehouses and open storage areas on berths over 300 thousand square meters total.

Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port is equipped with shore cranes up to 40 t capacity, moving tower crane 84 t capacity, lorry-mounted cranes up to 50 t capacity, various capacity fork-lift trucks and other equipment for handling of packed and bulk cargoes. Floating cranes of 300 t capacity are used for handling of heavy-weight cargoes. Import and export cargoes (rolled metals, aluminum, grain, coal, chemicals, equipment and other) are handled through the Port.

Navigation in Nakhodka port is maintained all year round.